Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Pirate's Story

his was such a cute story about the cake topper I created for Ter that I had to share it...

Cake topper story
Over the past couple of weeks, I'd been working with Lynn of lynnslittlecreations on to have a custom cake topper made of my FH and I, for our pirate themed wedding. Everything went really well, and she posted the cake topper as "Reserved for terwashere", so that only I could buy it.

Cute, huh?

Well, my FH just told me that he got a call from his dad. Apparently his dad's wife had been hunting around online, trying to find a pirate themed wedding cake topper for us, since we had been having trouble. She came across this very topper, before I had bought it, and was disappointed to find it was "reserved" for someone else.

She had no idea that it was I who had reserved it, until my FH told his dad to pass on the message. Good thing, too, or she may have tried to get a second one of us custom made by the same person.

I'm so excited: I'll get it in the mail next week.

Thanks, Ter for posting information around about me...I really enjoyed working with you! Best wishes for the wedding of your dreams!

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Ginny Baker said...

Your work is absolutely ADORABLE Lynn. :o)